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Jul 15


Super duper excited to share this post with you guys!!! The Toofly mini short film is complete:) I want send a big loving thanks to our friend Jay Maldonado for the this awesome gift. ((( I love it )))) This is my first official Toofly video, and it looks tiiiiight. We shot this Toofly classic piece at 5Pointz on 100 degree hot day. Almost passed out…but with a million and one breaks and lot’s of water I pulled through. I chose to paint at 5 Pointz for various reasons. Especially because it is the one place I had an opportunity to practice my aerosol skills back in the late 90’s. We all love 5Pointz, and want to see it continue as a cultural arts space for the Queens community, and future generations of artists. The area is being taken over by condos like many other places in NY, and money driven investors. Mere’s and his team continues the fight to keep this place alive for all local and international artists, please help. Support 5Pointz


Toofly short film by Jay Maldonado. 5Pointz, Queens NY 2012 – Coming soon!

Hot Day. 5 Hours. Photo by Jay Maldonado ├é┬ę2012

Happy to see Shiro in town! Hopefully next time we will coordinate our busy traveling schedules and paint a collabo;) Love to you Shiro, have fun painting in NY!

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  1. Melissa July 24th, 2012 8:15 am

    Hey Girl, the video is awesome!!!! Love it!!!

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