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Apr 2


Back in the motherland and resting at last. My first trip to New York was a non-stop grind and I loved it! Even though I was crazy tired by the end of the day, it felt good to get into my NY groove again. First stop on the array of scheduled Toofly gigs, and art projects like ((( MOTIONGRAFF )))

a live art, stop animation video episode featuring the first female guest on MotionGraff; TOOFLY!

I was excited to re-connect with hommie DJ VANDAL in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Greenpoint Brooklyn. We met back a few years ago when METHODS hired me to work on the METHODS X TOOFLY World Traveler T-shirt design project. We stayed in touch since that collabo, and was honored to get the invite to shoot the first ever female episode of MotionGraff. I had a lot of fun hanging out with the fellas, and messing with a bunch of markers, paint, and objects. Fubz and Vandal shot the footage in a style all their own. We messed around with some stop animation using my Kidrobot figures which added some really fun scenes to the piece. I can’t wait to see the video and flicks! Here’s some behind the scenes. More after the release…

Thanks fellas! xoxo – TOOFLY

It started as an art project. It has snowballed into a show. MOTIONGRAFF™ seeks to unveil the creative process through transmedia storytelling. Rather than use video recordings, we have opted to shoot only still images, using a number of cameras and angles, in order to present a stop-motion animation-style collaboration between producers of audio and visual content. Our goal is to showcase talent and techniques, while conveying a message.

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  1. […] MOTIONGRAFF EPISODE 22 “STAY FLY” is on full blast! video looks awesome! I want to send a special shout out to Serge M, and Fubz for rocking this piece. We linked up last spring for the project in BK on my first trip back to NY. We had a lot of fun with the stop animation process, you check out the sneak peek process here […]

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