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Apr 1


Before heading to New York I got a chance to take a road trip to the Florida Keys with my mom and sisters. It would be a while before we saw my sister Pam, aka Pamis, aka Inks – it was a perfect opportunity to spend this last chance together and enjoy the beauty of these islands. I’m really happy for Pam, especially now that she is settled in this sunny state! Proud of all the hard work she put in to make her home here. We miss her dearly, but happy we’re just a 3 hour flight away:)

FLORIDA KEYS!!!! BEAUTIFUL ROAD TRIP everyone should go…

This place is DOPE!!! ahhhh….If only it wasn’t so damn HOT in Florida…lol

HELLO KEY WEST! 4 hour road trip to the aqua blue wonderfullness…

Mom is happy to be with the loves of her life:)

The houses in Key West are absolutely divine. Hella expensive tho…but super duper beautiful!!!

It was a little funny to see everyone in green when we arrived to town. We completely forgot it was St Patty’s day! The main street was packed with green people sillyness…

The roosters and chickens were out too. Everywhere we went…taking street strollz…

LUNCH. Mahi Mahi sandwich and an afternoon breeze…YUM.

Little sis, Joanne Marie posing like always. She’s been doing it since she was a baby! Loca Jo jo…

Poofed! Did a whole lot of walking. Never really found the beach in Key West tho? Boo. If you take a trip to the Florida Keys I would say stop at Isla Morada, that little town was super cute and had an amazing beach. Unsure if there’s one in Key West? As nice as the town was we just never found the beach I was expecting to find. Either way we did find sand and water at the very south tip of the island where the US begins. We thanked the powers that be that we are able to dip in and out of this country and take these trips together. We’re pretty happy to be freeeeeeeeeeeeee. Appreciating every moment together, and thankful for the peaceful zone our new lives are at these days.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.– Henry Miller


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