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Apr 1


March 2012 was intense! On March 11th we gathered as a family in sunny Florida to remember our grandfather, Papito Raul. It has been a year since he left our world, and it’s still very tough to go through our family reunions without him. We miss him├é┬áso so much! Our hearts are still heavy, and even though we have tried to come to terms with the reality of what life brings eventually it doesn’t really help ease the pain:( Every so often I pull through and check in with the sun, moon and stars. The trees, plants, and rivers. The animals, and├é┬áconscious├é┬ábeings of light that share some insight of what lies beyond this point of view. I know you are in wonder of love and flow because you were such an amazing man. We miss you so so much Papito lindo! I hope to see you in my dreams…

((( I LOVE YOU ALL )))

Having a place to go – is a home.├é┬á Having someone to love – is a family.├é┬á Having both – is a blessing.├é┬á ~Donna Hedges

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