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Mar 20


HELLLLLLO SPRING! My favorite season of all. A time to come alive again, and spring up with a fresh new look. I’ve been busy working on some new goodies for ya’ll. Happy to finally get a chance to share them with you on this special day.

There’s an array of (((NEW))) items with lot’s of pop colors and native designs as well as the classic NYC graff styles you all love. The mini graffiti canvases were a great hit during the holiday so I decided to make some for the shop for all to enjoy. I couldn’t wait to work with my wood crafter guy again. I was out of stock on a bunch of items. The holidays wiped me out. The eco-block rings continue to be a huge hit season after season so when I finally got a new batch to work on I got busy painting!

The designs are as colorful as ever, and come in various styles. Our new special item, the embroidered flower earrings, was a lot of fun to work on especially because it’s a collaboration between my mom and I. I love these designs! I have always wanted something this colorful to wear with my spring dresses. Make sure to cop yours they are extremely limited in numbers.

I’m really inspired living in South America these days, I hope you enjoy the new Toofly steelo flowz:)

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