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Jan 16


Better late than never! None the less it’s time to drop the ball on ya:) drumrolllllll…2012 marks a whole new chapter in our lives. My love and I have decided to switch things up this year and take a one way ticket to SOUTH AMERICA!!! yeah baby woohoo!!! We’re super excited that we can make this happen. Especially this year, when the energy of change is in the air everywhere you go. We feel extremely thankful to the mighty powers that be that we are able to set sail and create this adventure together. In the last few years we have been working towards living a much simpler life. Where we no longer have “things” weigh us down but instead focus a lot more on the value of our time, and how we spend it doing what we love, and with those we love. We’ve learned to travel light, and in light anywhere we go. Here’s to a Happy New Year in the the sunshine!!!


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