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Oct 29


Brrrr it’s officially cold in NY and it’s SNOWING. The seasons are most definitely changing, and at a much quicker pace. Glad I had a chance to finish up this wall before the weather madness! So…I’ve been a fan of Moderno for a long time now, it’s one of my fav spots to eat in Brooklyn. They make a delicious Pollo al Vino in lemon wine sauce that just I can’t live without. Their $3 mojitos are off the hook too, and every now and then it’s the place to be with my hommies. We’ve all become good friends with Wilson, owner, and fellow Ecuadorian who used to make classic ecua grub here. I still ask him “Que paso con la guatita en el menu?” Of course it’s easy to understand that most of his customers these days have no clue what that is. In time the menu had to be switched up for those condo loving trust fund kids who pushed out families that ordered that shit! Sigh…gentrification yes. What’s happened to Williamsburg in the last 10 years is upsetting to many of us, but that’s “New York” for ya! Change is inevitable everywhere and anywhere. So in celebration of this, and with an open heart…”Let there be death & let there be life” – repeat.

Photo by Hector Cruz ©2011

Big ups to my cousin Clef for helping me on the wall! YOU ROCK. xoxo

Photo by Jose Rodriguez © 2011

Photo by ©Jose Rodriguez 2011

Shout out to my virgo twin Jose from LatinoLife, and Fabian with his lovely family who stopped by for the process. Thanks guys!!! – Photo by Hank O’Neal ©2011

lunch break yummyness. Thank you Wilson for the wall and your delicious mexican/ecua comfort food:)

Putting in the finishing touches – Photo by Hank O’Neal ©2011

It’s a Wrap! – Photo by Hector Cruz ©2011 thanks for the lovely flicks Hecks…

Special sshout out to photographer Hank O’Neal who came thru for some portrait sessionz for his upcoming book XCIA. Super happy to be part of it, and the animation project collaboration. It’s going to be fantastic!!! Thank youuuuuuuu Hank;)


Feliz dia de los Muertos.
The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico can be traced back to the indigenous cultures. Rituals celebrating the deaths of ancestors have been observed by these civilizations perhaps for as long as 2,500–3,000 years. In the pre-Hispanic era, the rituals to symbolize death and rebirth have created an array of imagery especially the image of a skull found in various art works, illustrations, graphic designs, and handmade crafts.


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  1. […] The Redbull Canvas Cooler Project was a great opportunity to head back to New York and enjoy the last days of summer. I got a chance to paint, hangout with friends, and celebrate my Birthday:) It was a lovely September NYC trip. Glad I accepted the invitation. The Redbull Curates team set it off this year in Bushwick Brooklyn. Yeah…that once overlooked neighborhood where nobody wanted to live. AH! the inner city boroughs are changing a whole lot. Brooklyn is the hot new gentrified spots to live in these days. It is not surprising that many hi-profile companies are tapping in. There’s almost no reason to head into the city anymore. Crazy right?! It feels like our artist energy is at fault sometimes. We try to live in cheaper rent zones but then our creative wheels turn to improve the neighborhood and then sooner than you can blink lofts and condos take over and push you, and your friends out. So unfair! What are you gonna do…can’t help to vent about it and speak the truth. As much as I agreed to be part of this project I will make sure to take the chance to express my feelinsg of it all thru my work. The impiration for this piece and story behind it is here: —> DEATH & REBIRTH […]

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