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May 16th, 2011 | Category: Art & Design,Hip Hop Culture

Just finished Bless Roxwell’s logo. Original hand style design by Toofly baby! Check it out…


Who can make folks sing a song they’re hearing for the first time at the top of their lungs? BLESS ROXWELL!! She IS Hip Hop revisited, renewed and refreshed, reminding listeners of b-boys and b-girls, turntables and mics, and most of all, love!

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May 16th, 2011 | Category: Art & Design,TOOFLY SHOP NYC

(((Drumroll please ))) Toofly’s “HEY LADIES” limited edition art prints are officially SOLD OUT! That’s right, let the collector frenzy begin. It took a minute but 150 prints are now in the hands of the very few people who made the investment to own my very first print series:) THANK YOU ALL for your support. I enjoyed creating these silk screen illustrations because it gave my a chance to create a collectors set that can easily travel. The series showcased at various galleries and spaces around the world. They also gave me the opportunity to help others when it came to donating art for fundraisers, and charities. Making art prints of my work is a great way to spread the love, and now it’s time to work on a new series! Super excited….can you guess what’s coming? I can’t wait to share…

Hey Ladies_Toofly

Until then, if your looking for the last chance to own your set make your way to the Yours Truly shop in Brooklyn NY!!! ( 1007 Broadway ) Shout out to Jenny for reaching out through Twitter to get the last set to showcase at the opening of her new shop. Thanks girl! Zoooooom…..


Girl Mark
18″X24″ silkscreen print on archival paper
created: 2006 /// Edition of 50

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May 16th, 2011 | Category: Exhibitions,Uncategorized

Hey Ohio! I have some of my precious illustration and street art photos in the next ComnGraff exhibit 1st week of June. Be sure to check it out!


COMnGRAF 3: Breaking Borders
Saturday, June 4 – August 27, 2011 // 6:30 p.m.
Elijah Pierce Gallery
867 Mt. Vernon Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43203

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