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Jan 8


Happy New Year!!! Sorry I’m late. Back from visiting my querida familia in sunny Florida, and fighting of a cold;( It’s a tunes, tea, and thoughts kind of weekend as I catch up with my bloggy blog. Even though as you get older the Holidays take a wacky turn for us adults, it’s still super nice to get together with my whole family and watch the kids smile as they open their presents. This year aunt mimi decorated everything from the tree, to the gifts. It was lovely! Grandma made her special Ecuadorian dish, and we got on our purple Prince fun with “Let’s Go Crazy” as the ball dropped. I love my family! Not a day goes by that I give thanks that they are all well, and I can watch my little cousins grow up. Especially when they are around an amazing group of creative, funny, and loving individuals;)




Mimi’s Xmas tree and my momz santa clay ornaments…


My momz couldn’t be with us this year because she decided to move out of the USA and back to Ecuador! Backpacking it, and in search of her own little green covered hill for a handmade cob house and organic garden. I’m excited and super proud of her;) Love you mom!


After the kids opened up their presents and got busy building their leggos we sat around a box of Mimi’s photos, remembering good ol’ times. Here’s a photo of my grandparents from “los a├â┬▒os de la chispa!” as my aunt Jenny would say. Lol


Found a bunch of new photos to scan. I was happy! I love photos. Here’s a pic of Nancy and me when we still lived in Ecuador…


Nancy, is now a mother of three beautiful kids, and I get to be the best aunti-cuz ever! She’s so beautiful, and ready to get her fashion on with Mama Cumitas handmade knitted creations for little Kayla.


Our new little family member; Kayla Grace. Cutie!!! Now I get to shop for girly purple stuff:)


Life is beautiful, and so is the gift of the present…priceless!

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