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December 11th, 2010 | Category: Exhibitions

Looking forward to Ricky’s Art Funk Explosion! Got some of them collabo images I worked on a few months ago in the exhibit. Should be fun don’t forget to RSVP! Info below via FRANK 151…

Ricky hand selected a cast of contributors who are as prolific and eccentric as the Bummy Sophisticate himself. This installment will feature an intimate look into the Rickster’s famed Greenwich Village apartment, as well as conversations with photographer Roberta Bayley, Ralph “The Funky Uncle” McDaniels, MC / DJ Edan (who Ricky has dubbed “The Jewish Big Daddy Kane”), and many more.

 Other Chapter 43 highlights will be photo/art collaborations between Ricky and a collection of artists (LOVE ME, Haculla, Dr. Dax, CHINO BYI, TOOFLY, and others) and a new series of NYC street shots.

 To celebrate the release of Chapter 43 as well as Ricky’s Silver Anniversary of “taking professional photos on a hangout tip,” select images from the Bug Out! chapter will be on display at Sacred Gallery in NYC this December. The show will kick off with The Ricky Powell Art Funk Explosion on Thursday, December 9th, featuring music by Chances with Wolves. Make sure you email your RSVP to The art show will run until the end of December, when Ricky Powell will conduct a World Famous Slideshow to bring the exhibit to a close.


Ricky at his show

Awesome show! Congrats Ricky;) Photo by © 2010 mamboso


The opening was tight! Sacred Gallery 424 Broadway


Very happy with my piece. Ricky Powell X Toofly collabo on a 1995 B-Girl Honey Rockwell photo




The crew support, love ya!


Graff ladies staying true VIK and TOOFLY!


This Frank 151 Issue 43 is sick!!!! Classic Classic Classic cop it.


Tony & Ricky politick’n


URNY. 2Esae & Ski X Ricky Powell collabo.





great great show…

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December 11th, 2010 | Category: Exhibitions,Video

Invisible Instructions – TOOFLY from MVMT on Vimeo.

Invisible Instructions – CERN from MVMT on Vimeo.

Invisible Instructions – Marthalicia from MVMT on Vimeo.

Invisible Instructions – Conscious Hustler from MVMT on Vimeo.

Invisible Instructions – Spaze Craft One from MVMT on Vimeo.

Ohhhhh snap! Check out the Invisible Instructions flyer super cool! Gotta love our MVMT programing peeps they rock. I’m really looking forward to the group installation between Cern, Myself, Spaze Craft One, Marthalicia, and Mikey the Concious Hustler. OMG gotta get busy!!! New works, new steelo, new flows…organic grooves baby…let’s go!


Friday, December 17th, 7-10PM

9 Clinton Street//New York, New York 10002 //(between Stanton & E Houston, NYC)


Leilani Montes
(646) 389-0517

Groundbreaking New York Artists Gather for Landmark Show
by Danya Steele

(New York City – Dec 8. 2010) On December 17 – 19, 2010, MVMT and SOH NUP INK will present a landmark exhibition of five of the most critical fixtures to the New York underground arts scene.

Artists featured include Aaron “Spaze Craft One” Lazansky, Michael “The Conscious Hustler” Cordero, Cern One YMI, TooFly and Marthalicia. The exhibit – entitled Invisible Instructions – will open with a three-day micro-festival of music, sound production workshops, midnight mixers, five-star eatery, wine spritzers and organic juices provided by ADINA. The show runs through January 8, 2011 and will be hosted at Culture Fix, a Lower East Side-based bar, boutique and gallery described by New York Times as “an integration of cocktails and chiaroscuro.”

Invisible Instructions will explore the theme of cultural influence and inspiration, with all artists creating work to represent the ‘invisible instructions’ received from the worlds around them. The talent roster is diverse. One of the featured artists – TooFly – spearheaded the Women’s Graffiti Movement of the 1990’s in New York City. Another artist, Marthalicia, is a former marine and mother who does “hyper realist paintings” that have earned her a reputation as New York’s premiere live painter. The show will also have very politically charged, graphic themes by Mikey The Conscious Hustler, whose classic “1SOUL” graphic tees have helped coined the term “artivism” in the worlds of art and social change.

Spaze Craft One, both an artist in the show and curator for the exhibit describes the opening weekend as “cutting edge, multi-dimensional work.” With a concert series including performances by Black Hasidic rapper Y-Love (unsurprisingly, he shares management with Matisyahu), guest DJ’s who’ve toured with DangerMouse (Gnarls Barkley), and a two-day workshop event showing teens and adults alike how to create organic clothing and sound (all before having their sounds played back in live concert), this isn’t your standard art show.

Tickets to the music and eco-friendly clothing workshops (held December 18 – 19) can be purchased at with all adult ticket sales going to sponsor teen workshops. Limited edition art displayed in the exhibit will be available for purchase at rates both “affordable” and more traditionally priced.

Michael Cordero is co-producer of Invisible Instructions and is an artist, educator and entrepreneur born and raised in Brooklyn. Michael is the creator of 1Soul Designs t-shirt line, co-owner of Fresthetic (a gallery/boutique in Williamsburg known for its “inclusive vs. exclusive vibe”), and Brand Cultivator at MVMT, a business incubator for innovative social change projects.

Aaron Lazansky, the producer of Invisible Instructions, has been spent over 15 years working as a key player in the New York City multi-media arts scene. He is an artist, educator, entrepreneur and newly elected program advisor for the Hip- Hop Education Center at NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development.

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