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October 06th, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Family,Graffiti / Street Art,Travel

As I approached the third and final stage of my trip I├é┬á finally decided on the message I wanted to convey on my last piece. I’m big on experiences. They help guide you throughout your life. Giving you signs as you build up your intuition. Each moment and person I come in contact with is a chance to understand the world and help create the necessary links. It’s all about the bigger picture,├é┬á if you believe it to be so. I was extremely happy that my ecua friends have become full on organizers and wonderful human beings. I enjoyed watching them put together an arts and culture event that is sure to grow and inspire their community year after year. All for the love of Hip Hop, and for the love of their pueblo. I was also particularly proud of the chance I had to show my grams and gramps what this is all about! Especially since they had the opportunity to see it come full circle in the land of their ancestors. So even though things got a little crazy in the motherland the day hate erupted like a volcano the opportunity to look at it’s ugly face proved yet again to all who was watching that it solved nothing. Disappointed and embarrassed one can only learn and change which is always good. The only revolution I believe in is LOVE & PEACE!


So the “peace” piece begins. The wall is located in Quito on a street called La Patagonia. The house where my mother was raised, and where I grew up before coming to the states. I decided to go full on latex this time because I can’t stand the spray paint. In the end though using brushes for a large mural was not as fun. ha! It was a nice try, but I’m an aerosol lover.


Ohhhh shit….what you know about librillo? This lady has been feeding the neighborhood her infamous librillo dish for 35+ years! Sweet little lady she allowed me to photograph her as she told her story. She sells about 15 dishes of this stuff in one trip to the patagonia and is done with her day and her living off this stuff. Librillo with potatoes and aji is one of├é┬á my favorite native ecuadorian soup dishes:)


Papito knows wasup. He needed to get the energy necessary to get his day on the roof started…



He’s always up to something en la casa del sur. He’s gotta be the ultimate bob the builder type of pop…lol


This street hasn’t changed in all 25+ years. My cousin Nancy and I played as little pasposita girls here just like all them little kids that were running up, and down the block while I was painting. While on a break and snacking on mandarins I began to think about how good these little kids had it. 5-6 years old playing and running around without any parent supervision. Happy and free. Parents in the states leash their kids up at that age just to walk on the streets! It’s a funny thing thing when you stop to notice these things…


after all the thinking I was doing about what life is like en el sur, I took a nap under the sun while my grandma knitted her little doily’s. She’s so cute!


Once my grandpa finished fixing the roof he came down to help me prep the old wall I did back in…2005! whoa that was a while ago…


Then it was hours and hours of brush work…


with a handmade ladder! made by gramps…


11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm…raindrops…


The hommies Diego and Disfraz who live near by came through to show some love before the rain rushed us out. Shout out to Barrio 593 for the 2 page interview and poster! The mag looks dope…and so does the design to their latest album release. I’m so proud of ya!!!




That rain turned into Graniso! I haven’t seen ice rain fall since I was like 6. I wish I would have had a cup I would have ate them little ice pebbles up!


but I settled for a rainy day of humitas con cafe and some some choclo con queso y avas! OMG…so good…native food is sooooOooooo gooood….


Thankfully one day before my flight back to NY and the day after all the madness the country went through I was able to get most of the piece done. Whew…and so it is…
“El Pueblo De La Paz” by Toofly. Quito, Ecuador 2010

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.├óÔéČ┬Ł – Jimi Hendrix

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