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August 24th, 2010 | Category: Day in the Life,Events,Travel

I’m beat. Trying to recover from a crazy week of traveling. Had an excellent time in the bay. What a great city! I loved it. I am definitely going back at least a week next time around. I’m mad inspired by all the street art I saw. The murals are amazing and hella deep. The graff was cool, but them murals boy really made an impact on me. Hands down a great city for art!!!

DAY 1: Sisterz of the Underground @Club Six


After a long nap at the hotel and a nice walk to the venue I had arrived to the 9th annual the Sisterz of the Underground anniversary event at Club Six. Sooo….I’m personally not a fan of live painting in clubs but when there’s a trip involved I’m there no mater what! I love art and it needs to be properly displayed. Having had a few years to curate exhibits I’ve become a nut about it. I was happy I got a chance to zoom my slideshow really really big across the walls of this place. Whew! What a difference that made. { saved }


If your gonna rock it you gotta do it right. Never attend an event without a dope slideshow. This has become “MY” new rule.


So the gals hooked it up with Upper Playground! yeah baby. They looked out and made a sweet deal to get me here. Shout out to Traci P, Cricket, and Sarah for the invitation! Also big ups to Adam for hooking it up with my capsule collection T’s. Currently up on my shop for sale NOW >>> Shop for Toofly X Upper Playground  T-Shirt collaboration.


10PM. B-boyz warming up, and the female DJ’s setting it off on the 1 & 2’…I must say the women DJ’s were on point!


Aight. Time to get busy…


Sarah & Cricket ready to hit the mic and the dancefloor. Good job ladies!


Ciphers & perfrormances were pretty tight. Wish I was tall sometimes so I could shoot…


Night went smooth. I didn’t take advantage of my drink tickets enough though:( Next time. Shout out to my hommie Rolando Brown for swinging by to support, and big ups to Suzie for the wonderful rooftop dinner!

DAY 2: See, Taste, Feel…


Early riser. Mornings are my thing. All is quiet, all is peace. I trooped it to the Japanese Tea Garden to give thanks for all my blessings, and sip on some Jasmine tea.



If Japan looks anything like this I’m there! Maybe 2011…we’ll see…


Japanese Architecture is beautiful…


I got the traveling bug. CROSSOVER BABY!!! making plans…


Koi. According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. More generally, the Japanese associate koi (also known as carp) with perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.  – Werd!


Dope place. I recommend it, but go there early before it get’s filled up with tourists and you can’t enjoy the natural view cuz it’s a tiny oasis.


By 12 noon I had made it to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. Glad the skies were clearing up it had been cloudy and cold since I got there. I guess my only complaint about this place was that there was not enough to do here besides ride your bike and charge like $3 for cheetos! Crazy tourist prices…not cool.


Besides that and looping up, down, and around the bridge I found a nice little spot to chillax and eat my $3 cheetos. I can’t believe I payed that! argh…still beating myself up about it, lol…


{ Hungry } Found out there was an annual international food festival at the missions, and I was outta there! I bid my farewell to seaguls and hit the bart to catch up with homegirl Nancy.


WOW! Pupusa time! Yummy. I was loving the food festival but was not about to wait an hour on the longest lines ever for grub. Hommies knew just where to take me to get one of my favorite salvadorian patties. Thanks ladies!!! Great meal. { Happy }


I truly got blessed linking up with Nancy. Homegirl took the time to show me around and give me a personal stroll through the missions and point out various artists, and stories about all the murals down here. Amazing! I got so inspired by the whole thing, and even more so because she herself is mural artist, educator, and activist. You can see her on this flick below on this mural detail with the bun on her hair.

Nancy you ROCK!!!


Balsy Street


I gotta ask Nancy who this artist is again. I loved his work!!!




This mural blew me away too. The tone on tone blue color I love so much, the theme, the story that runs so deep. Mural is called La Llorona” by Juana Alicia


“La Llorona’s Sacred Waters”A project on women, water and globalization. La Llorona weaves the stories of women in Bolivia, India, and at the U.S. Border together. It highlights Bolivians in Cochabamba who have fought to keep Bechtel Corporation from buying the water rights in their country; Indian farm workers in the Narmada Valley protesting in the flooded waters of their homes against their government’s irresponsible dam projects; and the women in black protesting the unsolved murders of women in Juarez, in the shadow of the Rio Bravo and the maquiladoras (sweatshops).


I can’t wait. That’s all I gotta say.


San Francisco is a city that is in love with murals. With over 600 murals, San Francisco’s mural tradition is rich and diverse with murals painted on building walls and facades, fences, garage doors and more. The colorful Mission District is the capital of San Francisco murals with the greatest concentration of murals in San Francisco. The San Francisco Mission neighborhood’s love affair with murals stems from the Mexican roots of the Mission District community. The Latino community took up residence in the Mission neighborhood in the early 1970s and they brought their muralist traditions with them. A walk along 24th Street between Valencia and York illustrates the vibrant mural traditions of the San Francisco Mission neighborhood.


My peoples. Transcending…


I kept running into the work of this artist who’s graff work I was really feeling. I gotta get his name…


Love it!!!


Homegirl Nancy. Thank you for the lovely street art strollz! Your DOPE.


By 6pm or so I was ready for the cipher and some chillax…


Besides walking up the crazy steep hills, it was all worth it cuz the view and the sunset made it all better:)  What a lovely day Saturday was. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Shout out to the hommies who looked out and made me feel really welcome. Big ups to Suzie for putting together a lovely rooftop dinner and filling the day with love, friends, and blessings. THANK YOU!!!

DAY 3: Oakland Chillax…


Spent my last night it Oakland with a lovely woman named Tracy and a room filled with beautiful plants. Had some really nice conversations about philosophy and all things that make up our crazy beautiful lives. Shout out to my homegirl Izzy Izmz for linking us up:)


Took the afternoon to check out the Art & Soul culture arts festival in downtown Oakland. Had some ice cold lemonade, listened to Jazz & Salsa music and got some henna art. Met Rachel-Anne Palacios who rocks some sick Mehndi. I couldn’t resist. There’s always a first time for everything and I was way happy she did it:)


Younity baby! She’s down.


And that my friends was a sweet weekend filled with art, soul, and friendship. Thanks Tracey! Thanks Nancy! Thanks Suzie! Thanks Sisterz of the Underground. More reason why I love building with women and their open approach to life, art, and community. Younity is everywhere. Even though I’m rolling solo these days I’ve learned that the soldier of love is in all of us and we need to continue to spread it in any way, shape, or form. It has no boundries. The trip, the bridge, and the James Balwin documentary ” The Price of a Ticket” made all the sense in the world to me that all is as it should be. I’m SOOooo hooked on this new found freedom…


“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” – James Baldwin

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August 24th, 2010 | Category: Exhibitions

Rocked a deck for the Across the Board group exhibition. See ya’ll there!



Group Exhibition
Saturday, August 28, 2010

Soapstone Gallery

11 West 36th Street 5th Floor // NYC

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