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Jul 10

3RD EYE OPEN 7.17.10

Switching it up left and right this year, and heading out of NY to see how folks in other city’s rock HIP HOP FESTIVALS. I miss the days when we used to take trips to the Philly BBOY BBQ to paint, and share a little slice of happiness with the Philly community. Those days are long gone now, but lucky for us the movement has grown and we can now travel to different cities. New landscape, new faces, and new organizers who know how to take care of their artists. Who’s rolling this year? The one and only VIK! – Her letters and pieces are sick. Love her work. Lucky for us they extended the budget and we are happy to announce SHIRO’S on board YAY!!! Yes mam, in NY for just 2 months and I’m dragging her to another city, Lol! Finally gonna get a chance to celebrate music, celebrate art, and most of all celebrate people together:)  NEW BEDFORD, MA see ya soon!!!



Live Graff Art by; TOOFLY, VIK, & SHIRO,
Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, MA
Saturday, July 17, 2010 // 9am – 8:30pm // FREE FOR EVERYONE!!!


On behalf of our non profit organization, 3rd EyE Youth Empowerment, Inc., we’d like to invite you to experience the 11th Annual 3rd EyE Open. The Open is a creative arts festival that brings thousands of diverse people together for one day to celebrate the talent, creativity, leadership, and passion of our young people. The Open is put on by 170 plus youth and young adult volunteers, and has been a safe, dynamic, and positive Hip Hop festival for the past ten years.

Year of the Woman

  • Jean Grae – as the headlining performer of this event, Jean has toured the world and is a positive inspiration for women, telling stories of her upbringing and sharing her wisdom.
  • Tiye Phoenix & Climbing Poetree, dynamic female performers.
  • The Open’s first female graffiti artist, Toofly, a teacher & renowned muralist from New York.
  • Through collaborations with the YWCA, JoJo’s Angels (local relay for life team) and other non-profits, we will be raising awareness about women’s health issues including breast cancer, diabetes, and dating violence.
  • A mural painted about women’s contributions to New Bedford’s local history.
  • In the 3 on 3 basketball tourney, there will be two divisions strictly for girls and young women.

Through this project, we aim to inspire young women to do something amazing with their lives and to realize the multitude of positive options they have for creating their own destiny.

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