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Jan 12


Juxtapoz feb 2010

Toofly_Ricky Powell

Oh yeah baby here we gooooooOOO time to get this year started off right. The Juxtapoz FEB 2010 issue just came out!  TOOFLY Interview and Portrait by RICKY POWELL. WOW. We got a dope 12 page spread. So siked!!! it came out fresh. Some names are misspelled though;( don’t they triple check that stuff? I didn’t get the memo. Anyway, it’s dope and funky and the images they chose look lovely considering I lost most of my archived work on a defected WD drive:( I need to back that shit up X3 next time if I’m ever gonna release a book. Special shout out to Ricky who’s been nothing but supportive of my steelo, and hella cool to kick it with. The piece took a few missions to complete but it gave us time to build which I really enjoyed. Summer and fall o9′ was crazy! if you roll with Ricky you know…you just gotta go with the flow. No planning allowed! I had to leave my virgo tendencies at home hah haha…Sending a special thanks to my hommie Meres for letting me rock one last piece at 5Pointz for the photoshoot. Nothing like closing out a decade in style…blues or no blues;) Gracias Evan Pricco! for making it happen on the pages of one of my favorite arts and culture magazines. See ya in NY or SF next time? Last but not least…much love to all my peeps, and tweepz out there especially my familia querida. I can’t do half this shit without your support and belief in my she-ra powers;)  Nah…but for real. I live to see you crack a smile, It’s really that simple;)


There’s something so lovely about art & life on printed matter. More Images Below >>>





Toofly Ricky Powell

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