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Dec 29


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I’ve been doing business as TOOFLY for a while now.  In 2007 I went official and launched  Stay Truâ„¢ so that I can extend what I do as a creative director, artist, and designer to new heights. I started my very own company with $500 bucks! Which was mostly paperwork. I can now independently provide art & design services for folks in my community but also to some notable clients like Rayban, Kidrobot, BET, and Upper Playground just to name a few. I finally had some time today to set up a section which includes various services for those seeking the “Toofly steelo” Art Direction, illustration, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Hand Style Lettering, Product Design, Photography, Styling, Live Art, and Consulting. Eventually I’ll hook up a little separate site for Stay Truâ„¢ so that it continues to grow;)

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