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Oct 23


Yesterday was a pretty dope day. It was like 60+ degrees out. Perfect weather for the Juxtapoz interview Ricky’s working on for my illy funkster steez;) More details after the jump. If you’ve hanged with Ricky you know it’s a flashback trip down memory lane in his east village neighborhood. I lost track of time after a few blocks, flicks, and a first hand history of what used to be before “development” started carving out the heart of this city. It’s wack what’s happening to NY, but change is inevitable;( Went into the ying’s and yangs of our city hustles and kicked it at PS41 where he used to play ball, and snap on people walking by…lol! That’s the Rickster for ya. Good times, thanks Ricky!!! Looking fwd to the final piece, we’re gonna rock it;)


OH SNAP! time flies when your having fun, the LES troop wasn’t too bad. Luckily we were heading to the same spot to support our hommie Bobbito.Ā  A Pro-Keds release party was in full swing at CSV Cultural Center. Same location where Younity’s FRESHER exhibit was up. I was amped! it was time to party, and catch up with the crew…

village Slum

Here’s some flicks of the event from our boy MEL from Village Slum. The fellas; Stretch Armstrong, Rich Medina, Bobbito, Crazy Legz, Clark Kent.

Stretch & Bobbito takes me back to the early 90’s when my cousins and I gathered around a little radio dumb late! We would giggle away at Clef’s concutions as they were passed around, and tune in to 89.9FM which he recorded on cassettes! Yeah, it’s been a while now. After we got our cheese doodle munchies on, and the phone lines opened up, Kathy would call in and sweet talk Bobbito like no other! LOL, she just had that voice;) ohhhhh the memories. Happy to see these fellas STAYING TRUE after all these years. Blessed to have met the DJ’s we grew up with who layed out the illest Hip Hop/Rap tracks of our day…Congrats fellas!

Ricky Powell Pro Keds

Ricky had just received his burgundy Bobbito Pro-Keds that day, he was a happy camper.


I think these are Bobbitos feet? Not sure, but yeo do they make these in size 6?


There was maaaaaad love in the building, especially when we realized Yerba Buena, and Flaco Navaja were performing whooooooo! we went where the wild thing go…the dance floor baby!
( not bad for an i-phone TF pic )


Ran into our hommie Oscar, and MALUKA currently rock’n shows on some merengue acid house shit. Gonna def look out for that, she’s latina, and she’s 2FLY!

Ricky Powell Toofly_crop

Don’t mind me I crop. LOL:)



Official GOOD TIMES!!! We turned that night into the “unofficial closing Younity Fresher party”. If you haven’t heard the Fresher closing jam has officially been cancelled. Yeah, I know…booooo!!! Folks at that CSV Cultural Center straight up hated, and f’d up our master plan. Blame it on Mercury, planet of communication and politricks. You know how it is…some people don’t get what “community” is all about. They sit behind a computer all day, carry a chip on their shoulder, and forget to “do the right thing” Whatever, I forget where people come from sometimes. At the end of the day we know who to build with, and who not to and so we keep it moving. Don’t have time to waste LIFE IS GOOD TO THOSE WHO WANT IT. Lesson of the day; don’t forget where your from or you’ll quickly lose sight of where your going…

Bob Marley; ā€œDon’t gain the world and lose your soul, wisdom is better than silver or gold…ā€

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