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Oct 6


Back to the grind!!! Finally catching up on life…I wanted to take this time to post a dope portrait video my hommies Mike Vargas, and Moni Pineda from Friends We Love rocked on my birthday last month. It’s UP! It’s not easy being in front of a camera eeek! but I really dig & appreciate these 120seconds mini series they’ve been working on with some of today’s dope visual artists, poets, entrepenuers, musicians, and dancers. Moments matter, and you gotta make every second count! I am so honored to be your friend guys;) thank youuuuu for letting me share my thoughts, and passion on building…

Toofly, Artist :: 120 Seconds from on Vimeo.

and if you don’t know now you know…

Friends We Love began with a desire to document the inspiration, motivation and creative process of our talented friends in NYC and around the world. Our Artist Profiles quickly blossomed into four other shows. 120 Seconds soon followed as an open platform to share personal thoughts and passions. Recently, we aligned with the highly reputable Jonathan LeVine Gallery to produce our Off the Wall series featuring interviews with exhibiting, contemporary artists. While En Vivo captures the essence of some of our favorite live shows, eMotion Pictures serves as an experimental lab where we explore and capture moments through visual poetry.

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