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Sep 21


Friday September 18th. Intermedia Arts walls at the Twin Cities, in Minniapolis MN. MISSION: Lock down your spot, gather your colors, and sketch in your piece!

B-Girl be-1

Glad I didn’t go crazy with a 20 foot piece like in years past. Wanted to experiment a little with some new designs, hang w/ the crew, and enjoy taking photos…

B-Girl be-2

JEN ONE! We repping NYC this year baby, ready to rock the walls, and hit that linolium

B-Girl be-3

Different sponsor this year…CLASH. Not bad, didn’t mind it. Came w/ good caps too…

B-Girl be-6

My B-Girl hommies 4life! Legend Rokafella, and BIG TARA! Stretching for the SHEro show…
Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer Ana “Rokafella” Garcia was born in Spanish Harlem where she grew up with a strong Latin background. At the age of 16 she began going to clubs and doing back-up dancing for freestyle singers on the local NYC party scene. Her hip-hop dance style became her bread and butter when she began street performing with such crews such as The Transformers, The Breeze Team, and the New York City Float Committee. Rokafella has taught workshops at NYU and Howard as well as neighborhood high schools and community centers. The non-profit company she co-founded with her husband, “Full Circle Prod”, serves the community with educational performances and multimedia urban-themed performances. She is presently producing a documentary based on the challenging lifestyles of female breakdancers featuring b-girls from all over the world. She believes this culture was born to help urban youth get through the ups and downs of life with something to hold on to.

B-Girl be-8

Motel7 from Noraway came thru to represent for the overseas artists…she’s a sweetheart!

B-Girl be-7

Leaving the finish for the BLOCK PARTY!!!

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