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Jul 7


The Secret Garden. A YOUNITY + BIG CITY WALLS collaboration with female aerosol artists from NYC. Coming together to “RE-FRESH” the streets…

Secret Garden Production_sm

Rocking productions with 10+ artists is not always easy. Having a sketch helps. Not everything can go according to plan, but if you leave enough room to improvise you get pretty close…


THE SECRET GARDEN. J train to Gates ave. Corner of Linden and Broadway, Bushwick Brooklyn.

Great spot to chill, paint, play dominos, BBQ, and grow your own vegetables & fruits! There’s a farmers market every Wednesday if you want to check it out. Shout out to the folks who run this place and JOSEPH for keeping it beautiful for the community.

Big hug to Erotica for hooking us up with the ill grill meals! & for bringing by the whole fam. What else can be more fun than running around, playing hide and go seek, dancing, laughing, jumping, and climbing stuff?  WHAT FUN! they will remember for a long long time.


Day 1. Pieces were sketched in and set. On the hunt of colors necessary for Day-2 & 3 possibly 4..GREEN, GREEN, AND MORE GREEN!!!

THE COLOR GREEN. The color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony.

GREEN ENERGY contains the powerful energies of nature, growth, desire to expand or increase. Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. Change and transformation is necessary for growth, and so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green.


In between the week I managed to squeeze in a Female Sneaker Fiend PHOTOSHOOT with Lori Lobenstein, and Amanda Lopez who flew in from San Francisco for the NYC June festivities. Now the IMAGES will live on FOREVER, and EVER, no matter what!


DAY 4.( I missed Day 2, and 3 ) I was crazed and unable to meet the team to help;( BUT I def made up for it on day 4.WHEW! I still feel I need another 2 days to be satisfied with it, that’s just my virgo talking. Still gonna go back and rock it some more, cuz I can go on for days…PLUS! Shiro is in town gotta get her on this wall…


Collabo between Lady K Fever and Toofly. Feeling RE-FRESHED yet? Flow like water and you’ll see what I mean.

Water unceasingly changes shapes and transforms itself. It is thus a model out of which everything can be born. It is also a source of purification. Purification for the individual beings but also for the whole of mankind. The Flood is a founding episode in numerous civilisations. Among Australia’s Aborigenes, a giant frog is said to have swallowed the Earth’s water to release it only when the other animals, dying with thirst, made it burst out laughing. The Flood in a re-creation of the world. One emerges from water in order to be reborn.


DIVA sweetest person ever!


MADGE def incorporated “THE SECRET” up in here! The key to our hearts “LOVE” and nothing else…


JES. Watch out for TOUGH LOVE NYC! Love these VENUS FLY TRAPS great color…


EROTICA. Yeo this WOMAN right here has got to be the ill#1 graffiti mom. She hella looked out for all of us and kept our bellies full. What a MOM! Got the whole fam in her piece too that’s LOVE. Blessing to you hommie and your beautiful family!


AM, K-STAR collabo. Damn AM wen’t mad high on this one what’s that 15feet? 20? word. K-STAR repping hard! Thanks for the beers ladies they were nice and cold kept us on a nice buzz while we worked;) Ya know how to party!


TADA!!! BIG CITY WALLS hooking us ladies up with wall permissions, paint donations/budgets, and urban arts workshops for youth in the community near you! We had a blast painting, BBQ’n, laughing, and taking maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad flicks. Thank you lady for bring’n us all together!

GOOOOOOOOOOOOD TIMES you can’t touch no matter how hard you try HA!

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