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Took me a while to post these up sorry! I’m anal about pics. I needed to hunt and gather them from various sources since my 5th camera broke! Anyway…it’s been a hectic weekend guys. I’m still trying to catch up. Gonna take a SERIOUS SERIOUS SERIOUS break after this year is over, SERIOUS. The evening was a little somber as the world found out Michael Jackson had passed. We were all in shock, all we could do once the event came to a close was blast his music, wipe the tears, and dance the night away with everyone who lost a piece of their youth that night;(

Toofly NYU

Shout out to Martha Diaz, and the H2A team for caring, and putting this event together at NYU. Herstory one step at a time, as real women take it upon themselves to change the game, and represent! Folks out there look out for the FRESH, BOLD, & SO DEF book in the works, as well as the 1st women in HIP HOP Grant! H2A needs your help to raise funds and make this book, and grant happen in 2009. Every $1 counts!!! Special thanks to my YOUNITY partna’ in crime Alice Mizrachi, and Diana McClure for presenting Toofleezy with a special tribute piece for my graffiti art, work, and life. THANK YOU!!!


and now without further do…TOOFLY NYC / YOUNITY ARTS

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