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May 18


Category: Day in the Life

Back in town! whew…got lot’s to catch up especially my blog updates. Totally missed out on the Estria Graffiti Battle last Saturday. I planned on supporting all my peeps painting but mom dukes was in town for a surprise visit and I couldn’t swing it;( Spending time with la familia is #1, especially since I had one day to see her and my Freddy before my Mexico trip.


Love my momz! She’s so cute, and hella supportive of everything we do and choose to do. Been on her own since day 1. Her independence, kind heart, and and creative spirit lights our way. Plus she loves her Mocha Frap. Starbucks junkies!


Mom and Freddy lovebirds through thick and thin:)


Pestola as some of you know, lol. Aka Freddy. Rocker all the way, silly rebel without a cause. Never leaves home without a rock T, mini phone, and ipod shuffle.


La Familia de feas y feos, now all we need is some little feos in the mix;)

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