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May 18


whew! Last post of life lived and cherished;)

Every May babe and I give ourselves a well deserved vacation to paradise. This year it came close to being canceled due to the swine flu nonsense. Whew! glad I’m don’t fall for all that media bull crap on TV. It’s a good thing the politics and truth leaks out enough for us to be aware of what is really going on. Anyway…Playa Del Carmen in Mayan Riviera in Mexico was a BLAST!!! Pure Bliss:) Hotel La Tortuga & Spa was a beautiful cozy hotel just a few blocks away from the white sandy beach, local boutiques/shops, and a variety of restaurants. If your looking for a quick 4hr trip to paradise from NYC, easy on the wallet this is the place to be!!!



Hotel La Tortuga, 14 North 10ave. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


We prefer small lounge hotels like this, cozy home style, full of plants, handmade furniture, organic landscape design, etc…


Our kind of place!


Something about the afternoon swims at the pool that triggered our sweet tooths…


as well as babes happy hour liquid lunch…


YUM! Our favorite Cr├ępe with nutella and Ice cream. OMG where can I find this in NY?

PLAYA DEL CARMEN our daily beach bum sunshine…


Happy it’s not like Canc├║n here. No hi-rise hotels. Really despise those tall structures, they kill the whole natural landscape. Less is so much much more!


Babe needed this…


as much as I need this every chance I can get it!


You can never go wrong with this dish: Ceviche Mixto! delicious…


In a few days we’ll be crispy! until then going easy on the sun rays, 45 SPF all the way no more freckles for me!


Strolls to and from down the main street…


cute shops like this one. Trees & branches displaying handmade jewelry. Inspiring! These tree installations I keep running into are trying to tell me something…


Nights at the hotel were very soothing after a long day at the beach…



Evening at the strip full of lights, candlelight dinners, and mariachi bands…


Can’t go wrong with Filet Mignon for half the price you pay in the states. Must of had it more than once with a glass of fresh papaya juice…


Closing the evenings off with walks down the beach.

XEL-HA See it, and do it all in one place…


All I gotta say is they filmed the Blue Lagoon movie here…


A must! I still can’t believe we swam around this whole place in 7 hours.

We got to go inside naturally formed underwater caves, snorkle with a pool of colorful fish, jump off a cliffs, and relax down a river of naturally formed vine tunnels…NATURE ROCKS!!!


Wish they made water cameras digital…at the CVS as we speak! ( water cameras suck only these 2 were decent rest too dark:(

Okay yea back tot he logistics here…this is an all inclusive spot. Our suggestion just take the $3.00 van there, and pay the entrance which is cheap for what you get. Otherwise you’ll get a tour that will cost you like $100 a person. You can do it in half if you troop it on your own there. Not far, 30min from Playa Del Carmen. Go!!!


All kinds of good grub here…our favorite shrimp tacos.


The place was ours literally. Tourism was hit hard down here do to all the media hype about the fake flu. A lot of people cancelled their vacations to Mexico because they got caught up in the hype. Places like this where almost ghost town. It’s sad because people truly love their towns, and want to see it grow and flourish. They want to be able to earn a living in their own country, off their own natural resources. Tourism helps them do that and helps them preserve it for future generations. Then you wonder what the hell you expect people to do to survive and earn a living to feed their families if you go messing with their country and economy by taking that away from them. Pisses me off. Sigh…At least we left a bit of our crappy dollar over there:)

TULUM one of the best-preserved coastal Maya archaeological site…


We were tight on our budget by the 4th day so we decided to troop it on our own and hop in the $3 van to Tulum. Only 30 min away, a$5 entrance fee, and we were walking on Tulum’s ruins. A historic Mayan land. We had no idea about the gem hidden behind the ruins. Glad we brought our bathing suits!


The Iguanas everywhere lead the way there…


Never seen a beach so beautiful…


We stayed here almost all day…


Soft sand all the way into the deep turk crystal blue water of the carribean sea. Fell asleep by the shades of the rocks. You need no umbrella or chair, it’s all straight up chill with what you got! the best part of going there on your own is that once the tourists groups leave you were alone. No guide to tell you it’s time to go…you leave when you want:)


We stayed pretty long on this one. Didn’t make it to the cenotes:( underwater caves. The only thing I forgot to do…next time!


The closest town out is 15-30 min walk if you get hungry like we did so we had to head out:( You won’t find anything else but the ruins, and the stairs down to the beach. THAT’ IT!┬á It’s what helps preserve the natural landscape so plan accordingly eat & drink some mangu or something to last your swims and naps until you have to really really bounce…


Best Trip Ever! We are def coming back VIVA MEXICO!!!

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