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Mar 30


Closing up Women’s Herstory Month yesterday with my hommies Patty Dukes, Rephstar, and Interstate Pete from CIRCA 95! These guys make a hell of a team on the radio, from freestyles, to sillyness, to info on the 1&2’s, to laughs, and straight up “THIS IS HOW IT IS” Don’t get Beef Patty mad, she’ll come after you! lol. Nah but on the strength these guys have BIG BIG HEARTS for Hip Hop and community and I want to thank them for supporting, and keeping it fun on Sunday afternoons. We’re def, gonna have more good times this summer at that Dumbo rooftop without a question. I can’t wait!!! TUNE IN: Sundays from 2-5pm at to support Circa 95 Hip Hop radio online, where you can travel back to classics, connect with the people, buzz in some of Rephstar’s whehhhhpa’s, support relevant content, and feel out Circa 95’s dope dynamics. LUV YOU GUYS!!!


Rocking the beatz, beatz, beatz! with Patty Dukes, Rephstar, and


Interstate Pete! on the multi technorganizing task to get us on with the live feed generation


PattyDukes & Rephstar are more than just your average Hip-Hop group. Circa ’95’ is a movement. Celebrating the best of 90’s Hip-Hop and beyond. Holding down NYC and all galaxies.ladiesfirst.jpg

Toofleezy, Queen Godis, Patty Dukes & Rephstar for Ladies First! March 2009


Being creative, silly, and most of all STAYING TRUE!


The Circa 95‘ Radio Show is LIVE every Sunday from 3-5PM only on Check the calendar for details on the show’s featured guests and PattyDukes & Rephstar’s (Circa ’95’) upcoming performances!

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