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Mar 3


NUEVA YORK, the Spanish Language Program of CUNY TV, nominated for an Emmy in the Best Magazine Category for the second straight year has a dope new episode this week featuring Grammy-Winner DAN ZANES, Colombian painter OMAR RAYO, poet and rapper LA BRUJA DEL BRONX, graffiti artist TOOFLY and hip hop dancer ROKAFELLA! All in spanish baby!!! with english subtitles. I had to throw in a little bit of spanglish in my interview, but overall I still got it;)Thursdays March 5th, 12th at 10am, 2pm and 10pm;
Saturdays March 7th and 14th, 2pm
Where: Channel 75 – CUNY TV
More Information: www.cuny.tvIn this episode, Nueva York begins near Times Square, where we chat with Dan Zanes about “Nueva York,” his latest album of music for kids, recorded with musicians from different parts of Latin America. Dan, who won a Grammy in 2007, tells us what moved him to record an album entirely in Spanish.Then Patricio Lerzundi goes to the Upper East Side to visit Colombian painter Omar Rayo, who created a unique style, with his paintings, drawings and sculptures. Master Rayo’s geometric labyrinths are recognized all over the world.And, finally, as a final destination, Nueva York will take you the South Bronx, the birthplace of hip hop, to explore this urban movement with poet and rapper “La Bruja del Bronx”, graffiti artist “Toofly”and dancer “Rockafella”. They give us a picture if the new role of women in hip hop culture and art.

Since its first broadcast, Nueva York has built cultural and social ties between Latinos, and amongst Spanish speaking non-Latino communities.

Each episode is subtitled in English so that the largest numbers of viewers may appreciate more fully the richness and diversity of the cultural and humanitarian expression of the Spanish-speaking communities in the city. It is a television program that seeks to present the image of the social, educational and economic aspirations of the generations of immigrants and emigrants who have sought a better quality of life for themselves and their families.

The hosts of Nueva York are Mexican novelist and critic Carmen Boullosa and Chilean writer Patricio Lerzundi. The general producer is Professor Jerry Carlson, specialist in Latin American cinema. They are all members of the academic staff at CUNY.

CUNY TV airs on Channel 75 in the five boroughs of New York City.

Shout out to the crew and Yolanda Pividal for rocking my first ever spanish interview:)

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