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Jan 24

ECUADOR TRIP 1.26.09 – 2.9.09


kicking off my travels for 09′ with a trip back to the mother land…


I missed a whole year without the most amazing people in my life:( If it wasn’t for these two lovebirds, hard working, loving abuelitos life here would not have been this dope!


Looking forward to visiting my tia’s house! organic food, fresh fruit juice, 20+ family members for almuerzo, cafesito, and a game of 31! Can’t forget the lady around the way who sells my favorite yapingachos dish!


Communidad Hip Hop Ecuador gather the troops meeting ya at the skatepark in Quito I’m ready to paint!!!

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  1. Jeanette P February 9th, 2009 8:00 am

    Nuff props Toofly! I didn’t know you were Ecua, way to represent! I’m friends with Loira, she’s showed me a lot of your work. Very proud of you. 🙂 Peace. – Jp

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