Dec 2


Dec 2


Hello World! Finally have a chance to update all my photos from Love Warrior showcase. I’m happy all the pieces I have been working on in the last few years finally came together as a complete series. I wanted this showcase to be intimate, and to be shared among all the people that support and care about my work. There is something special that happens when you can share ideas that are about emotion, about culture, and about things that are hard to describe in words sometimes. People’s faces light up, they smile, they wonder…but no words come out. There is no need to because “feeling” is really what it’s all about. Love Warrior is for the lover, and for the fighter. Each one knows what that truly means to them. Thank you for making the connection and sharing that space with me:)


“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave. 

Frozen LV showcase

FROZEN. Acrylic on Cardboard Installation.


Toofly Virgen De gauadalupe

Corazon. Acrylic on Canvas.

Love Warrior Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher. Acrylic on Cardboard

Love Warrior TF 4

Twin Flames


If you are interested in a price list via e-mail with images of work available please send us a message at:

Love Warrior Sketches

Original Sketches $300+ (Framed)

Love Warrior TF 3

Love Warrior Gals

Shout out to Jenny for the support. Proud owner of “In Too Deep” Acrylic on Cardboard.

Toofly Painting


Toofly love Warrior 2013

Toofly Love Warrior-1


Toofly Tshirts LV

Limited edition “Love Warrior” T’s and Hoodies.

Love Warrior Showcase

Da Crew LV fam

Thank you “love Warrior” crew! It’s always nice to have a wonderful team down to make it happen on all fronts.

Jill De Bushwick

Thank you Jill de Bushwick for spinning Funk, hip Hop, and Rock N’ Roll. Jill de Bushwick is a true Williamsburg local.

Mi Isla Coquito Crew

Thank you Millie and Lillie for holding it down on the Coquito and introducing us to Blu-Quito so yummy! Millie is a true Williamsburg local.Coquito

Mi Isla Coquito.

coquito Patty Dukes

Fresthetic Mikey

Shout out to Michael Shawn Cordero. Friend, and Fresthetic shop owner. Hommie for years making it happen in BK! Mikey is a true Williamsburg local. Fresthetic

da crew LV

Love and thanks to all my hommies <3

Guests LV

Crew LV

Fresthetic Logo

Love Warrior Fresthetic

There is still a chance to view and purchase Toofly prints, and Toofly goodies for the holidays.Love Warrior Fresthetic 2013

“Love Warrior” showcase runs through November 21st, 2013 – January 21st, 2014.
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1-9PM   (718)-782-9373
Fresthetic 552 Grand St, Brooklyn NY 11211. L train to Lorimer, or G train to Metropolitan Ave.

WereOpen LV



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Nov 26


The Ladies Love Project Holiday Pop-Up Shop Re-Cap flicks are still in the works, but here are a few of my faves! I snuck in a few flicks in between vending, building, and making sure we did not blow out any more outlets. Ah!  Samantha Morales will have her images up soon. I know they are gonna be AWESOME. Our photobooth rocked this year, happy we have Sam on board, and thankful Karla came thru as well to give us a hand. Thank you all for supporting the LLP Holiday Pop-Up Shop!!! The event and the crew is growing and getting tight. YAY!!!

LLP Ladies

Vanilla Medallions 2013 LLP

LLP 2013

Lady Soul Fly copy

Toofly Love Warrior Pics


New Vendors LLP

Chill Will Tf

LLp 2013 Holiday

Lady Fancy Nails

Rebelution MiIsla

Lil Ego LLp 2013


LLP Crew 2013 Holiday

Gizelle Art

Ladies Love project Holiday

Jenny Kinsn Cupcakes

Bboys Bgirlz

Gear and Goods Pop Up


Tha Machine



Ladies Love Project Holiday 2013




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Nov 26


On a serious grind this month! I finally have a chance to update ya’ll a bit on some super cool projects that are in the works, and coming up…but first LONDON 2013! It was a super quick trip. I almost didn’t make it. I had to pack my bags and speed mode it to the airport in Quito , Ecuador after the GRAFFF festival  in order to take on an awesome awesome gig. SOOooooo glad I made it! I’m proud of how far I have come with my work, and my independent business. Unfortunately I can not share the project details at this time, but will share a few flicks from trip below. I want to send a big thank you to the folks that were involved in making this trip, and project possible. “Dare to be Different!”

Malmaison Hotel-1

Malmaison Hotel

Toofly London

Toofly Mural

London Signs

London Tour




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Nov 5

GRAFFF! Festival De Arte Publico. Amabto, Ecuador

I have to put this blog post together quick! Off to London in a few hours. November is one crazy month ya’ll. This past weekend I had a chance to paint at the 5th annual Public Art Project called “GRAFFF” I was invited by a lovely artist that goes by the name of Vera. I met her at the MTN wall in Quito a few weeks ago. Super sweet! She is one of the main organisers and directors for the project where 15+ international and local artist participate in mixed media art pieces. From murals, to street art, to dance performances. The project is growing, and the walls are getting bigger too. It was a huge task to take on this long long wall, but I gave it my best, and tried something new. Love how it came out! As soon as I get more flicks from event and the rest of the artist walls I will add. Unfortunately because I was squeezed for time I had not chance to take shots of the the rest of the event, and walls:(


Grafff Ecuador

TF Ambato




Gracias Vera por la invitacion! La mejor parte de los eventos es tambien conocer al resto de los artistas. Buena onda todos, fue un gusto conocer a todos! 



Ambato Girls



Thank you GRAFFF!

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Oct 29

“LOVE WARRIOR” New Works by TOOFLY 11.21.13

Category: Events,Exhibitions

Love Warriror Flyer_blog


Renowned Street Artist TOOFLY Debuts the “LOVE WARRIOR” Showcase at Brooklyn’s Fresthetic Gallery

BROOKLYN, New York—October 21st, 2013—A month from now, world renowned female graffiti artist, designer, and activist, Maria “TOOFLY” Castillo will unveil her LOVE WARRIOR series at Bushwick’s own Fresthetic Gallery on Thursday, November 21, 2013. The community is abuzz about TOOFLY; thus making her opening an anticipated yet intimate art celebration in Brooklyn. Held from 6PM to 10PM, arts enthusiasts, tastemakers, press and friends will get to view five years of existing and new works by TOOFLY, admiring a palpable presence of feminine power immersed in the spiritual. The mixed media artist livens up recycled materials with handstyles, fierce women, and native patterns to tap back into her “roots”.

LOVE WARRIOR is a new direction of work for TOOFLY. The series, started a few years ago, boasts images of sensual, strong, indigenous women painted in gray tones, decorated with warrior markings to describe the deep reserves of strength women inherit from their ancestors and experiences.

Thus, it appears that the artist’s infamous “New York City graffiti-girl” character illustration, a staple for galleries, walls and some notable global brands, has matured. This is in part due to living in both North and South America, where TOOFLY explores art, feminism and spirituality from a different perspective—one deeply rooted in her Ecuadorian heritage that marries her upbringing on the streets of New York City.

With that, the “back to your roots” message emerges in the LOVE WARRIOR series, with the use of recycled materials as an added element. It’s an ode to a simpler time when powerful art in New York was created on typically discarded items and urban surfaces. Yet, LOVE WARRIOR isn’t about wildstyle; it’s paying homage to forgotten indigenous cultures in a technologically obsessed world. Still, technology’s loss is TOOFLY’s gain as she captures the depth of women on paper, canvas, wood, and cardboard materials discovered on New York City streets. The show’s attendees will experience a cultural mixed media experience through native designs, religious iconography, and graffiti marks as each woman depicts a story. Classic handstyles lay a finishing touch on these amazing works, emitting cryptic wisdom such as  “Grow in Silence,” “Respect,” and her most admired piece, “WHAT WE LOVE WE GROW TO RESEMBLE.”

“This new series taps into the soul’s purpose to love, create, and become free,” says TOOFLY while sketching new works. Just before finishing she adds–“artists can’t afford to lose our legacy at the expense of commodification”. Those of us in touch with our hearts know it’s time to go back to our roots. For me, that foundation is love.”

Images of a few works to be displayed can be seen here and here.

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Oct 22

SAVE THE DATE! Ladies Love Project Holiday Pop-Up Shop Nov 16th!

It’s that time again! LLP team is gearing up for HOLIDAY 2013. Ready to bring you all a wonderful community event that supports independent artists and designers for a 1 day pop-up shop! Shop local, shop handmade, and support local economies this Holiday. See you soon!

LLP 13Holiday-insta

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates!


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Oct 19


Hellllllllla photos to post from Oakland trip. I had a really nice time. It was mellow with lot’s of action in between. I want to send a warm thank you to Favianna for hosting me, feeding me, and locking in me on all this wonderful projects along with Erin Yoshi and Julio. I got to meet some wonderful souls like Chris R who’s work is super amazing and who’s healthy organic breakfast with a side of yogi chats put me in a total different mindset. I am inspired by all the wonderful minds in this town and the weather is a super +! I shall be back…

TF Photo Steez

Oakland Bike Rides
The fun continued with an invitation to Estria Graffiti Jam at the Castlemont High School on Sunday. Many of the Few & Far gals were in town so we we locked down a corner at the school and painted for a few hours. The wall was a sandy orange color which worked lovely with our left over can scraps.

Toofly Dime Oakland-1

Estria Graffiti Jam Toofly

Mike Bam and the little artist cruising crew!

Graffiti Jam Oakland-2


Few and Far Oakland

Toofly Dime Agana 2013

Toofly. Dime, and Agana got to wall early so we decided to rock a 3X collabo. Went a graphic route because we only had 5 hours to complete. Came out pretty dope!

Oakland ARtists

#LATINSOULSISTERS Photo by Miguel “Bounce”

Toofly Oakalnd-2

Toofly_Oakland 2013


Toofly Dime 2013-1
Round 2 for Toofly and Dime!  First time we rocked together was in Oakland back in….2011? time flies…

Erin YOshi

Erin Yoshi having some fun under the sun:)

Shoolyard action

Erin Yoshio Glow Chris R

Chri R got a chance to paint and add his mandala native feathers piece on Erin and Glows character. So beautiful! Miiiiiiisssssssss you my brother from anotha!

schoolyard pics

Toofly Oakland night

Blackbook sessions…

Blackbook few and Far

Few and Far Oakland 2013

Few & Far gals re-united for a day in East Oakland, California. Agana, Meme, Glow, Dime, Erin Yoshi, and TF

Toofly Sketchbook
I got a lot done in one week! Fall season is definitely one of the busiest times of the year. Enjoying moments to sketch and reflect are just as important as the work if not more. This is where all the ideas develop, and where all understanding reflects back to show you if you are following your purpose and doing the “good” work. My soul has known which way to sail and who to sail with for a while now. Intuition the almighty compass! IT KNOWS. It will guide you, and it will warn you. I am thankful to work with some amazing friends these days who are vibrating in the right direction. Little by little I am meeting more and more of you “warriors of love” and it feels great! Thank you my friends <3 


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Oct 1


Happy to be heading back to California this year. It’s been a minute! This year I will be working with an amazing woman, friend, artist Favianna Rodriguez. We met a few years ago in NY when she was showcasing her prints in El Barrio. I love her work, and the great activism projects she has lead with the Culture Strike group. I am happy to be in full support of her migrations butterfly project which will take place at the Life is Living festival on Saturday October, 12th in Oakland Ca. We will be painting beautiful butterfly pieces for a public street art project about the human right to move. Proud to be part of it and super excited to see everyone! Especially Erin Yoshi, Estria, Glow, Nancy Pilli, Brett Cook Disney, The Few & Far girls, and many more. See you guys soon! ((( Many Thanks )))

Life Is Living Festival Toofly 2013


Nancy Pili, Estria, Erin Yoshi, and the gang setting off the Estria Battle at the Life is Living Festival.

Estria Erin Yoshi

Favianna Rodriguez/Culture Strike kicking knowledge about what is happening in this country to undocumented immigrants and the crazy laws being passed that many of our friends and family may soon have to deal with. It is a serious time, and we have to use our art to spread these messages to the public at large. Graff is dope and all but we gotta start using our talent to educate folks and spread powerful messages to our community. Our art can be deeper, powerful, and more meaningful to all. DREAM! MIGRATE! LIVE!


Toofly, Glow, Dime

Time for some action!


LifeisLiving Festival-3

We’re almost ready!

earrinsg Oakland

Soaps Lady Oakland

Strolling through event and found some vendors I love!
Few and Far Earrings

Agana ready to rep for the ladies as the only girl out of 14 artists male artists participating!? We need to work on this on the next one…LifeisLiving Festival-1

Blackbook battles with the funky cool youth.

Gloria Muriel

Gloria rock’n her beautiful Butterfly. Migration is TRANSFORMATION!


Great to see all of Oakland beautiful peeps.


Voila! MIGRATON IS FREEDOM/LIBERTAD – Because I am flying back in forth between North America and South America these days the freedom to live this way is def where it’s at. FREEDOM FOR ALL!!! We should have the right as human beings searching for a better life to live wherever we want.
Mary Jane SF

Mary Jane in the house! Nice to finally meet ya. Rocked a nice logo for them earlier this year.

Doves NYC reppin…characters letters background….



Miguel lindo! aka BOUNCE #trustyourstruggle hommie…gotta me time to hang next time.


Doze Green and the gang…Congrats to Vile for the win! 400 Montana cans what! I may just have to get in on this battle next time…it was actually all good and fun. Slowly getting over the idea of a competition…wouldn’t mind winning  400 cans!

Culture Strike Crew

It’s a wrap! Thank you Culture Strike <3


Brett Cook Disney_oakland

Why can’t we make people understand that we can enjoy life? – Phylilis Lun


Thank you Life is Living Festival, Oakland Ca!

Culture Striek Lunch
Thank you Culture Strike and Estria Foundation!


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Oct 1

TOOFLY- PECHA KUCHA, Oakland, CA 10.10.13

Heading to Oakland next week. Gearing up. Lot’s to do while I am there. I’ve been preparing for this Pecha Kucha slide presentation for days now and I think I am finally ready for it. Eeeeek! Wish me luck…
Pecha Kucha Toofly nyc

Pecha Kucha Night Oakland!
Thursday, October 10, 2013 // 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM

The New Parkway Theater
474 24th Street // Oakland, 94612
Pecha Kucha, San Francisco <—- purchase your tickets!
Facebook Event Link

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. The presentation format was devised by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture. The first PechaKucha Night was held in Tokyo in their gallery/lounge/bar/club/creative kitchen, SuperDeluxe, in February, 2003. Klein Dytham architecture still organize and support the global PechaKucha Night network and organize PechaKucha Night Tokyo.

Pecha Kucha Oakland 2013
PECHA KUCHA NIGHT in OAKLAND! DJ Agana and Erin Yoshi kicking off a wonderful event weekend.

Pecha Kucha Oakland

Fun space. Lounge chairs, popcorn, and the buzz it up service. Super nice! I think I want to plan something like this back in the motherland…

Pecha Kucha Night

Great presenters on this night. Marc Bamuthi Joseph setting it off. Co-Founder of Life is Living Festival! Toofly_PechaKucka_Oakland-1

Eeek! TF time. Rock’n it out…



Bigging up our Graffiti Women: Lady Pink, Younity, Ladies Love Project, Few & Far


Favianna Rodriguez – Migration is Beautiful. Speaking the truth!!!

Faviana PechaKucka oakland

Favianna Pecha Kucka Oakland 13

Nancy Pilli_WaterWrites

Nancy Pili Hernandez: Water Writes/Estria Foundation represent! Lot’s of wonderful folks doing great things for the community.



To close out the night ETHIOPIAN grub!  


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Sep 29


Category: Events,Exhibitions

On Monday October 7th there will be a fundraiser for an amazing organization called GROUNDSWELL at Christie’s Auction House with an great list of artists like; Lady Pink, Lee Quinones, Ricky Powell, Jose Parla, Daze, Swoon, Ricardo Cortes, and more . My latest print “ARISE” from the Love Warrior series will showcase in support. If you would like to purchase tickets, place a bid, and get more information visit:

Groundsweel Auction Benefit

Toofly Christies Groundswell

All proceeds support Groundswell ( and its work to bring together artists, youth, and community organizations to use art as a tool for social change. Online bidding is available beginning September 23 at 10am EST. —> ARTWORK BIDS

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Sep 24

VIP time! fashionably late that is. All good we made it, and just about everyone arrived to check out the exhibit. Very happy with the whole set-up, and display of our works. The cranberry drinks were great, and the complimentary pizza hit the spot. It was super nice to see everyone, especially those faces I haven’t seen in a while. Shout out to the Redbull team in NYC. Great show!


Toofly redbull Canvas Cooler Project-event

wrapping up the virgo season, and enjoying the last days of summer with my closest friends. Happy and at peace with the flow of the evening. Gathering the troops is a mission and a half sometimes but all worth it. Love all you guys!

redbull canvas cooler curates

toofly redbull canvas cooler night

OOooh la la…the lighting makes these cooler look so FRESHHHHHHHH!

fresthetic toofly

Lovely photo opp by Alexandra Henry with Mike from Fresthetic. We’re building and preparing for a fall showcase this November. Stay tuned!

Toofly Cooler Redbull
toofly canvas cooler photo

chicas redbull

NYC Redbull Canvas COolers
Damn who would’nt want to own one of these coolers they’re so dope! – Photos by Alexandra Henry

toofly_Ken Swift

Been sooooooo long! I was happy to see Kenny at the event. Thank you KEN SWIFT:)

Sofia Maldonado Redbull Cooler
Cooler by our homegirl Sofia Maldonado. – Photo by Alexandra Henry

Toofly redbull event

redbull canvas cooler party

Getting the Redbull cranberry vodka drink on!

freinds redbull


URNY and 2FLY reppn’ for the night…

TF peeps

group shot redbull

Thank you everyone!!! Had a blast that night glad we got a chance to jam it out on the dancefloor at Bembe. Good times!!! See ya in November.

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Sep 23


The Redbull Canvas Cooler Project was a great opportunity to head back to New York and enjoy the last days of summer. I got a chance to paint, hangout with friends, and celebrate my Birthday:) It was a lovely September NYC trip. Glad I accepted the invitation. The Redbull Curates team set it off this year in Bushwick Brooklyn. Yeah…that once overlooked neighborhood where nobody wanted to live. AH! the inner city boroughs are changing a whole lot. Brooklyn is the hot new gentrified spots to live in these days. It is not surprising that many hi-profile companies are tapping in. There’s almost no reason to head into the city anymore. Crazy right?! It feels like our artist energy is at fault sometimes. We try to live in cheaper rent zones but then our creative wheels turn to improve the neighborhood and then sooner than you can blink lofts and condos take over and push you, and your friends out. So unfair! What are you gonna do. Gotta vent, speak the truth and use our work to educate folks. As much as I agreed to be part of this project I will make sure to take the chance to express my feelings of it all at the end of the day. To learn more about why I chose to paint this image and the story behind it check out the blog post —> DEATH & REBIRTH

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-7

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-8

“LET LOVE RAISE YOUR ENERGY” Death and Rebirth, Brooklyn NYC
I wasn’t fully prepared to rock my cooler, but I knew if I carved out a good 30min the night before to brainstorm some ideas it was gonna be all good. 4 panels. 8 hrs. I was happy with the result. I decided to illustrate an important image that is dear to me, along with a positive powerful message. The set-up was cool, and it was nice to meet and paint alongside artists I known for years and artists new to the scene. Some of them are really amazing illustrators which I love! Big ups to the ones who hold it down on the natural skills to draw, paint, and conceptualize something original. There’s no room in our book for anything else. My friend said it best: TRUE ARTISTRY over HYPE baby!!!

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-5 copy

Toofly Zimad Redbull copy

Zimad! Always sweet:)  loving the new work!!! Must plan a group showcase soon…

Sofia Maldonado Redbull
Sofia Maldonado!!! Lovely and sweet. Our conversation about what is happening in the art world these days was on point! We are on the same page hommie. I am happy we are both traveling and painting in our countries and exploring new avenues for our art:) Big hugz!

redbull canvas cooler

I personally loooove this cooler! So smart to work in the Redbull cans. If I had to vote I would have done so for this guy. Shout out to our friend Royce who came thru to check out the artists at work:)

BK Artist redbull

There’s a lot of artists these days rock’n it out. It’s hard to keep track but meeting everyone was cool so I can finally put a face ot the art. Whew! Great meeting you all!

redbull canvas cooler new york

Redbull Canvas Cooler Toofly NYC-14

If you have felt this you know what I am talking about. Redbull Canvas Curates Event photos coming soon!


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Aug 18


Aug 7


This past weekend I took a trip to the post office in the city, and found out that the MTN Ecuador Spray Paint launch was only 3 blocks away! It turns out that MTN will now be sold officially in Ecuador in various paint shops. I made that u-turn to check out what the event was all about, and ended up painting for 5hrs! I had no sketch, no camera, just 12 cans of the last colors that remained provided by MTN. I went for it with the classic TF warrior character steez. Shout out to my ecua hommies who helped lock down a wall for me; Sapin, Belu Loops, Dennis from Mugre Sur, Sudamerica peeps, and Blooky. I’m finally putting all the faces and names together to navigate the scene down here.  It’s taken me a while but little by little I’ll be able to build with everyone to try and organize something DOPE. Till then the “Guerillera de Amor” is on the scene, painting and making friends <3

Toofly MTN Ecuador-1
Foto: Daniel Kuntur – Shout out to Vera for letting me use her bike to reach up! Shorty rocks gotta find a way…

MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013

Toofly Maria Ecuador
Foto: Maria – When we figure out how to rock this women’s production, paint sponsorship, and location we will gather the gfraffiteras so look out!
Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento 2013
Foto: AndrĂ©s “SapĂ­n” RamĂ­rez – Amigo querido on the scene since we met in 2005!:)

Toofly MTN Ecuador Lanzamiento
Foto: Rmnoby – Hommie from Guayaquil in chats about a wall in the near future. Cool pic:)

Steep Ecuador MTN

Steep! – I’m a big  fan of his work! When I waited for a wall to come thru I watched him paint with latex and spray . Amazeballs!
TNAZ Mtn ecuador

T-NAZ – Otavalo – Sweet guy! + very talented with the indigenous portraits of his people. We’re in chats about a possible wall in Otavalo in the next few months. One of my favorite artisan towns!
MTN Ecuador Carlos Pereida
Blooky – Hommie who lived in Italy for a while, and now is back in the country. Helped lock down wall. Gracias amigo!
MTN Ecuador Quito
Quito ladies by “El Rojo” piece. An artist in town from spain, Dope detail! 

Lanzamiento MTN Ecuador
Thanks for the paint! thanks for the interviews!:)

MTN Ecuador Quito 2013

Gracias a Carlos Pereira y el crew de MTN Ecuador! Big ups to the graffiti and street artists who participated in the event. Lot’s of talent here, and now that the paint is officially here and in almost all paint shops we can take our work to the next level!!! It’s a perfect time to be in Ecuador:)

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