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July 30th, 2012 | Category: Day in the Life,Travel

Took a minute to finish this post. I had so many photos from NY trip needed to edit. Whew! Ok…ready to hit publish and share these lovely NY moments with ya’ll. SOOoooo My second trip to New York this year was jam packed with summer fun and yummy food. Luckily I had enough time for almost everything I needed to do. Paint, work, dine, get babe’s visa worked out, and hangout with beloved friends. I really enjoyed myself on this trip, especially since it was longer than the last one. Thank you everyone for coming through to the LLP pop-up, and live art events, and most of all for taking the time to chillax with your homegirl! LOVE YOU, MISS YOU, and I’ll see you when it’s time to rock funky scarves and cozy up;)

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